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Marketing Memories: VW’s 1964 Talking Beetle Known as ‘Max’

Back in 2008, Volkswagen rolled out a quirky run of commercials with a very unique spokesperson: a 1964 Beetle known as ‘Max’. The marketing campaign was put together by advertising…

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Lamborghini Pushes The Envelope In Digital Stamp Collecting

Lest you think stamp collecting was a dusty relic of the past, Lamborghini has revved up the hobby. The automaker is releasing a series of digital stamps featuring their exotic…

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The Rolls-Royce Dawn Gets Roadster Looks With This Carbon Fiber Tonneau Cover

The Rolls-Royce Dawn has more than enough room for four passengers. But on occasion for those trips for two, drivers can install an optional carbon fiber tonneau cover, giving their…

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Lotus’ Elise Can Now Come In Limited-Edition Race Liveries

Lotus is a brand steeped in racing history. To pay tribute to that high-octane heritage, the British brand is offering the Elise sportscar in four limited-edition color schemes. Officially called…

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Bentley Adds Sporty ‘Styling Specification’ Package To Lineup

Bentley customers looking for extra flair can dress up their vehicles with a new ‘Styling Specification’ package, adding on a slew of carbon fiber adornments. The kit is being made…

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Classic Porsches Can Now Get Modern Media Systems

Porsche vehicles age very well but their radios, not so much. Thankfully, the sportscar maker has announced a way for owners of vintage and classic models to give their audio…

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