2021 Type R Limited Edition

Honda Announces Leaner, Meaner 2021 Type R Limited Edition

For 2021, Honda is making its Type R Civic lighter and faster, releasing the Type R Limited Edition. That’s not accomplished through anything under the hood as power still comes from the stock race-bred 2.0-liter direct-injected and turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. Its output remains fixed at 306 horsepower.

Where this racer’s alterations can be seen is in weight-savings. Eighteen pounds are shed thanks to lightweight, forged BBS aluminum wheels. Another twenty-eight is taken out thanks to reduced sound deadening and the removal of non-essential items for trackday fun, including the rear wiper, tonneau cover and rear heater ducts.

The cars’ only mechanical changes are special dampers along with a recalibration of the steering to give drivers maximum control.

The exclusive Phoenix Yellow paint is offset with gloss black accents. (Courtesy of Honda)

Visually, it’ll be hard to miss the special run of vehicles. They all get an exclusive Phoenix Yellow paint, harkening back to previous Type R models. The striking hue is offset with gloss paint on the roof, mirror caps and intake vent on the hood. Around back, the rear Civic badge gets a dark chrome treatment. A numbered serial plate will mark each car on the interior.

Honda hasn’t announced pricing but has stated the limited edition will only be available to U.S. customers.