Airbus and Aston Martin have created a special helicopter.

ACH’s Aston Martin Edition Helicopter Takes Flight

Aston Martin and Airbus Corporate Helicopters (ACH) have teamed up to create a special edition helicopter, called, appropriately enough, the ACH130 Aston Martin Edition. It was unveiled today at the Courchevel resort, in the French Alps.

The ACH130 has room for six occupants and a cruising range of around 400 miles.

The package is based on ACH’s existing 130 model but features bespoke touches from the luxury automaker. Designers from both brands worked for over a year coming up with the final rendering, which is available in four external liveries. The colors (sourced from Aston Martin) include Stirling Green, Xenon Grey, Arizona and Ultramarine Black.

Inside the cabin, there’s more automotive theming, including Pure Black ultra-suede trim. Customers can also choose a leather color, including Oxford Tan, Pure Black, Cormorant and Ivory. The iconic Aston Martin wings logo is embroidered throughout, including on the seat headrests. The rear of the front seats also gets the same brogue detailing as what’s found in a DB11. Another nicety is leather trim on the doors.

The AC130s cockpit is light and airy, thanks to large windows in front and overhead.
Airbus and Aston Martin have created a special helicopter.

The package also includes a special plaque mounted on the instrument panel. It’ll include both company logos, the edition number and, if the customer wants it, their name. There’s no word on quantity or pricing but ACH reports deliveries will take place later this winter.