Created by Ford Performance and Multimatic, the Ford GT Mk II delivers the full performance potential of the Ford GT in a track-only version engineered independent of race series rules, regulations and limitations

Finally Set Free: Ford teams up with Multimatic to build the ultimate GT Racecar

Ford and engineering firm, Multimatic, celebrated independence on July 4th by revealing a limited-edition, track-only GT racecar, that shakes free from any kind of restriction. The goal with the project was simple: build a GT unhampered by the rules of the public road or any kind of race class or sanctioning body regulations. The end result is the GT Mk II.

Only forty-five of these vehicles will be built and each will boast a starting MSRP of $1.2 million. They’re all start off at the main Ford GT plant before being transferred to Markham, Ontario. There, they’ll go to a specialist facility at Multimatic Motorsports and be finalized and finessed into the Ford GT Mk II.

(Courtesy of Ford)

Engine Mods

The Mk II comes with the 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine that’s found in both the GT race car and road car but since the Mk II isn’t limited to any racing regulations, engineers dialed things way up. It now makes 700 horsepower. That’s 200 more than the race car, making the Mk II the most powerful version of the Ford GT. The transmission is still the GT’s seven-speed dual-clutch transmission but specially calibrated.

Increased Cooling

All that power creates heat and to help with cooling, there’s a new high capacity air-to-air charger air cooler with water spray technology. The water spray will automatically activate in a high temperature situation and sprays atomized water on the charge air cooler. A new roof-mounted air intake also helps with cooling, routing fresh air onto extra engine, clutch and transmission coolers.

(Courtesy of Ford)

Brembo Brakes

The car’s stopping potential was also dialed up by swapping in the street car’s Brembo carbon ceramic brakes. Covering them up are unique forged aluminum 19-inch wheels, wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport GT tires.

Aero and Downforce

A new racing splitter and diffuser are up front and are incorporated into new fender louvers and dive planes. Around back, a larger dual-element rear wing ups the amount of downforce. Those improvements amount to over 400 percent more downforce than the Ford GT and the Mk II can pull moire than 2Gs of lateral grip.

(Courtesy of Ford)

Weight Savings

Pounds were also shed in the pursuit to make the car go even faster. Gone is the street car’s adjustable ride height and drive modes, which saved 200 pounds. In their place went 5-way adjustable DSSV shock absorbers. Those work with a fixed lowered ride height, which not only helps with handling but makes the car as aerodynamic as possible.

Cabin Features

Inside the purpose-built cabin, there’s a custom Sparco racing seat with a six-point racing harness. If drivers care to share the fun of being in the ultimate GT, a passenger seat is optional.

(Courtesy of Ford)

Released in the Wild

The GT MK II was debuted at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and won’t be sold through Ford dealers, but rather directly to customers through Multimatic.