A little over the top: Gary Jones Jr.’s 1999 Peterbilt 379 – ‘Excessive Behavior II’

Gary Jones. Jr. goes big with his high contrast customization. But first he starts small. That’s how he dialed in the wild black and white flame scheme he’s come to love so much. It all started with his daily driver, a 2012 Dodge Challenger. In 2017, he and the crew at Jones Custom Collision Auto Body, in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, used the Mopar to create the smoky cool appearance he had sizzling in his mind. “I like things that are different,’ said Gary, who lives in Lawson, Missouri. “I sit back and observe how can I make changes to create things people haven’t seen before.”

‘Excessive Behavior’ – the original

Ready to move on from simple two-wheeled muscle, he applied the same look to his wife’s semi-truck, a short hood, 1999 Peterbilt 379, with a three-axle setup. Because of the over-the-top nature of the custom rig, they dubbed it ‘Excessive Behavior’.

‘Excessive Behavior’ – the sequel

Pleased with how that project turned out, Gary then looked to modify his own rig, another 1999 Pete 379, which was soon christened ‘Excessive Behavior II’.

He purchased the truck in October of 2018 from a junkyard in rural Illinois. It wasn’t long before a full rebuild was in-progress. “In no time, we had it down to bare nothing,’ recalls Gary, who did the work himself. One of the first steps was shortening the frame by three feet and adding another axle. The truck originally had a maroon sleeper on it, which was tossed to make for a 70-inch unit.

Engine Changes

Under the hood was a ‘junky motor’, which gave out within the first few weeks of Gary’s ownership. That didn’t faze the craftsman as he had no plans on keeping it for long. He pulled it and, in its place, he mounted a brand-new create Cummins N14, rated at 525 horsepower. That’s paired to an 18-speed transmission, with a 3.36 rear end.

Interior Changes

Nationwide Chrome and Customs, in Fremont, Indiana, handled the overhaul on the cabin, which mirrors the stark white exterior and ghost grey highlights. The shop installed such items as a Talledego Fiberglass floor and door panels, Legacy LO seats and tons of RoadWorks stainless steel dash items.

Trailer Tricks

Once the truck was done, Gary didn’t stop there. Ready to move on even bigger, he applied the same wild look to his four-axle, 2019 Globe Trailer, that features a hydraulic flip.

The whole setup takes on a different look in the evening hours, sporting a bevy of blue running and marker button lights.

Blue running lights give ‘Excessive Behavior II’ a different look at night. (Photo by Matt Avery)

Final Unveiling

The eight-axled project came together in just under four months, right in time for a grand unveiling at the 2018 Mid-America Trucking Show, in Louisville, Kentucky.

Since then, Gary has appeared around the show circuit, displaying his rig at the AMCAN shows in California and soon the Oklahoma event, too. He’s currently in National Championship Series standings for Limited for Show Bobtail.

Gary Jones Jr. has even bigger plans for his third truck project, debuting in the spring of 2020. (Photo by Matt Avery)

Make no mistake, the massive Pete is Gary’s work truck and pulls duty hauling oversize, heavy equipment coast to coast on a weekly basis.

It’s hard to miss Gary’s custom truck, with its wild black and white flame scheme. (Photo by Matt Avery)

‘Excessive Behavior III’?

 All that time on the road keeps Gary busy, who’s been driving since 1999, but not so busy he can’t make plans for another project. Work is already hard underway on a third truck, which will be débuted at the upcoming 2020 Mid-America show. Gary won’t reveal any details on what it’ll entail but it’s clear, in his mind, bigger is always better.